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उत्तम संस्कार - उत्तम शिक्षा मानव धर्म- राष्ट्र सेवा

Our Staff

Our diverse staff both teaching and non-teaching, play a vital role in fostering a spirit of creativity and independent learning in our school. We aim to attract our staff from a wide range of backgrounds and they play a vital role in creating our unique community. We are passionate about creating an environment where both staff and students can learn and work to their full potential. To develop their skills, our staff receive ongoing, high quality training and development.

S.No. Teacher`s Name Educational Qualification
1 Mrs. Poonam Sharma M.A., B.Ed
2 Mrs. Mousumi Chakraborty M.A., B.Ed
3 Mrs. Preeti Kaur NTT, D.N.T, B.Ed
4 Mrs. Manjusha Gautam B.Com, MBA, B.Ed
5 Mrs. Monika Chugh B.TECH, B.Ed, Dipl.comp.sci
6 Mrs. Manorama Dwiedi M.A., B.Ed, M.SC
7 Mrs. Rekha Sharma B.A, B.Ed
8 Ms. Ruchi Singh MCA
9 Mrs. Kiran Punia B.A, B.Ed, MBA
10 Mrs. Vandana Singh M.SC, B.Ed
11 Mrs. Nirmla Yadav B.COM, B.Ed
12 Mrs. Anuradha Seddey B.SC, M.SC, B.Ed
13 Mrs. Neha Gupta B.S.SC, B.Ed, M.A, M.PHIL
14 Mrs. Satyawati Yadav M.A, B.Ed
15 Mrs. Savita Lather M.COM, B.Ed, CA (INTER)
17 Mrs. Alo Moulik ENG HONS
18 Mrs. Priya Sharma B.A, B.Ed
19 Mr. Sunil Singh B.A, 4yrs SR. DIPLOMA (FINE ARTS)
20 Mr. Ankur Saini B.B.A, BACHELOR OF MUSIC
21 Mrs. Hemlata Sharma M.A, B.Ed, M.Ed
22 Mrs. Rekha Yadav B.A, B.Ed, M.A(ECONOMICS)
23 Mr. Latief Ahmad Dar B.P.E, B.P.Ed
24 Mrs. Arti Tanwar M.A (POL. SCI), B.Ed
25 Ms. Raina Jain M.Com(Business Admin.), N.T.T.
26 Ms. Babita M.A. Economics, N.T.T.
27 Ms. Pushpa B.A., B.Ed.(History, Sanskrit)
28 Ms. Rashmi Dubey M.A., B.Ed.(Hindi, Economics)
29 Ms. Deepika Singh M.Sc.(Bio-chemistry), B.Ed. M.Phil
30 Ms. Richa Bansal M. Com.
31 Ms. Sujata Singh Computer Engineering & B.A.(English)


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