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उत्तम संस्कार - उत्तम शिक्षा मानव धर्म- राष्ट्र सेवा

Letter from the Principal’s Desk

Dear All,

Pursuit of gratifying, thrilling and continuous changing scenario of new skills and competencies demand new knowledge. Knowledge that requires enchantment which arises out of the deep enjoyment. Knowledge that requires you to be more adaptable and lifelong learner in our ever changing world. You also need to be good communicator to be able to relate well with others. Communications essentially should be based on truth that persistently endeavours to reconcile the world of reality and thirst of knowledge. Absences of these are often marked as looseness and extravagance. BR Public School is committed towards imparting these skills to you not only to learn how to learn, not just in school but beyond as well. We want you to develop valuable life skills in you which should be harmoniously blended with resilience and confidence and that will help you to be more confidently with any uncertainities or challenges that may confront in the future. This is your school and we want you to get anything you possibly can during your stay here. All these years your dwelling was well guarded with lots of love and affection. Now the time has come to take the plunge and embrace a new record. Emerge from determination and descend where you are needed. Fly High Sky is the limit!

Lokesh Poonia
(Principal of BR Public School)